Toolzone 16Pc Crv Punch And Chisel Set

Code: KDPPN004

Stock: 0

Inner Quantity 5
Case Quantity 20

1 X Chisel & Punch Gauge
Cold Chisels 9.5Mm X 140Mm, 12.5Mm X 150Mm, 16Mm X 165Mm
Taper Punches 2Mm X 133Mm, 3Mm X 146Mm, 4Mm X 150Mm, 5Mm X 158Mm, 6Mm X 170Mm
Pin Punches 2Mm X 108Mm, 3Mm X 120Mm, 4Mm X 127Mm, 5Mm X 133Mm, 6Mm X 147Mm
Centre Punches 3Mm X 125Mm, 5Mm X 150Mm
6150 Crv

Categories:   Building   | Cold chisel   | Punch   | Punch & wreck  

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