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  • Toolzone 120Pc Roll Pin In Assort. Box

Toolzone 120Pc Roll Pin In Assort. Box

Code: KDPHW157

Stock: 724

2Ea: 9.5X 19.1, 38 & 50.8Mm 4Ea: 1.6X 4.8, 19.1 & 8Mm 2X 4, 6.4 & 12.7Mm 2.4 & 4Mm X 15.9, 25.4 & 31.8Mm 5.6X 16, 32 & 44.5Mm 6.4X 15.9, 31.8 & 44.5Mm 8X 19.1, 38.1Mm & 50.8Mm 5Ea: 3.2 & 4.8Mm X 15.9, 25.4 & 31.8Mm
In Strong Poly Case
Case Quantity-24

Categories:   Assortment boxes   | Hardware   | Roll, Cotter & Pins   | Roll, cotter & r pins  


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